Boulder Relocation

Boulder Relocation involves the removal or repositioning of obstacles from the seabed. This can be also referred to as:

  • Boulder Clearance
  • Route Preparation
  • Route Clearance
  • Seabed Clearance

The UTROV® Solution

Since 2015, Utility ROV Services have been regularly contracted for various Boulder Relocation projects, developing a strong reputation for delivering results and exceeding clients’ expectations.

The UTROV® system has maintained impressive statistics in terms of both system uptime and average operational cycle times, providing our clients with the confidence that the UTROV® System is a market-leading spread for boulder relocation operations.

Utility ROV Services have two types of subsea grabs designed for Boulder Relocation operations:

Tine Grab – suitable for removal of medium to large sized boulders.

Clamshell Grab – Suited to areas which have a high density of small boulders.

Thanks to UTROV® – our unique single subsea platform – we can easily interchange these grabs to deliver a highly cost-effective solution to Boulder Relocation operations.