Load Member

The UTROV® through-frame load member is DNV Certified to a safe working load (SWL) of 55-tonnes, allowing a large variety of items to be deployed, recovered or relocated subsea.


The UTROV® is equipped with axial thrusters to control the orientation of the vehicle and assist with positioning during operations.


Dual hydraulic power units (HPUs) create an abundance of hydraulic power at source, allowing the UTROV® system to operate dredging and flow intensive equipment with ease.

Operator Feedback

Operator feedback is provided through cameras, lights and sensors mounted on the UTROV®, which can also power a suite of survey equipment and relay data back to the surface vessel.

Integrated Tooling Control

Control of tooling through the UTROV® control system allows tooling specific commands to be implemented such as hydraulic latch or electrical interlock functions.

The UTROV® System consists of the Utility ROV (UTROV®) along with a variety of Tooling, Control Cabin, Power Distribution Unit (PDU) and Workshop.

As standard, our package service includes a highly-skilled team of ROV Pilot Technicians and Supervisors to ensure that projects are carried out safely, efficiently and completed to the highest standard.

  • Control Cabin
    • UTROV® and Winch Control
    • Video and Sonar Displays
    • Video Recording and Data Storage Suite
  • PDU
    • Remotely controlled from UTROV® Control Cabin
    • Power outlets for control and workshop container service supplies
    • Temperature and humidity-controlled environment



  • Workshop
    • Stocked with an extensive set of equipment, tools and spares to ensure that downtime is kept to a minimum