UTROV ® Launch & Recovery


The UTROV® system can be supplied for launch from a bespoke A-frame, Winch and HPU. These are specifically designed for use with the UTROV® and include many features which aid UTROV® operations.

  • Optimised controllability allowing higher operational limits


  • Active Heave Compensated (AHC) Winch, featuring commands for UTROV® vertical motion made by UTROV® operator


  • A-frame and winch controls integrated with UTROV® system


  • High line speed for reactivity during grabbing operations.


The system can also be supplied for deployment with a vessel crane taking the load of the UTROV® and Tool. The umbilical is managed by Utility ROV Services unique, in-tension umbilical management system. A constant tension reeler manages umbilical tension, whilst the upper sheave of the tagging tower is free to follow the path of the UTROV®.

  • Enables minimal load intervention when performing many launch and recovery cycles


  • Constant tension umbilical orientates and stabilises the load through launch and recovery


  • Ideal in combination with opportune crane-equipped vessels


  • Remote reeler monitoring and tension adjustment from UTROV® control cabin


On vessels where the crane is small or space is at a premium, the UTROV® soft umbilical can be managed during subsea operations using an over-boarding chute and constant tension reeler.

  • Simple to install on virtually any vessel


  • Remote reeler monitoring and tension adjust from UTROV® control container


  • Rapid mobilisation