UTROV ® What We Do


Based in Fife, Scotland, Utility ROV Services is an independent, hands-on ROV service provider specialising in Offshore Renewables, Interconnector, Oil & Gas and Decommissioning industries.

We are an energetic and innovative company that design, build and operate our own bespoke UTROV® systems and tooling to support subsea operations. Improving efficiency by controlling its suite of tools directly, the UTROV® provides multi-phase capability, eliminating the requirement to mobilise multiple spreads of equipment with individual teams for one single project.

Utility ROV Services possess both the expertise and the experience required to deliver projects to the highest standard, all made possible by the market-leading performance capability of the UTROV® system and our team.

We are able to deliver the UTROV® System along with our highly-skilled offshore workforce 24/7, 365 days a year, ensuring that project demands are met without compromise.