Asset No. A-A30
Use Non-Contact Dredging
Weight (kg) 1360
Nominal Mixture Capacity (m3/hr) 800
Suction Internal Diameter (mm) 200
Max Spherical Passage (mm) 125

DOP200 Dredge Pump

The DOP200 is a highly versatile, submersible dredge pump that lends itself well to many of Utility ROV Services’ operations. Primarily, the DOP200 is used in applications where a high degree of precision is sought, for example in supporting the identification of pUXO targets that are buried deeper than 1.5m below mean seabed level, or excavation around subsea assets.

The DOP200 can handle a variety of highly abrasive soils with large particles, such as silt, sand and gravel, without compromising on pump performance.

A range of suction heads can be fitted to the DOP200 to ensure that maximum productivity is achieved, regardless of seabed composition.