Asset No. T-A18
Use Mattress Installation
Dimensions (mm) 6660 x 3600 x 1500
Weight (t) 3.5
SWL (t) 2 x 10t Mattresses
Typical Mattress Dimensions (mm) 6000 x 3000 x 300


The Mattress Installation Frame (MIF) has been developed for the deployment of concrete subsea mattresses — both standard and fronded.

Unlike conventional mattress lay systems, the use of the UTROV® with the MIF provides a safer, more efficient alternative to diver-aided or WROV mattress installation.

The MIF features a hydraulic release mechanism, transponders, and utilises real-time monitoring to ensure the precise placement of mattresses during installation operations.

Key Features

  • Dual or Individual Release Subsea
  • Mechanical Side Connection — allows safer connection at higher mattress stack height, resulting in more mattresses per trip
  • Accurate mattress heading and positioning control
  • Interlocked Hydraulic Release