Asset No. T-A13
Use Rock Bag Installation
Dimensions (mm) 3220 x 3290 x 2330
Weight (t) 2.5
SWL (t) 8


The Rock Bag Deployment Tool (RBDT) is a bespoke tool used for the installation of Rock Filter and Grout Bag Units, which are commonly used to provide protection and stabilisation for subsea cables. Hydraulic power for the remote release is provided by the UTROV® system, which is also used to orientate and position the rock bags subsea. The legs enable the UTROV® and RBDT to be landed on deck above the bags, allowing personnel safe access to connect the bags.


Key Features

  • Single or dual rock bag deployment
  • Remote, off-load release mechanism(s)
  • Adjustable lift point locations
  • Variable leg configurations for cable/product spans
  • ‘Product-Friendly’ Legs