Product Burial/De-Burial

Product burial is the process of burying a subsea product/asset beneath the seabed in order to provide a means of protection and stabilisation. Product de-burial is the process of uncovering a subsea product/asset from beneath the seabed in order to provide a means of access for tasks such as inspection or cut and recovery.



The UTROV® Solution

Controlled Flow Excavator (CFE) – Suitable for burying cables through localised soil liquefaction – a mechanism in which a solid material is induced to behave as a liquid, thus allowing the cable to sink into the seabed before the material resettles and acts as a solid once more, leaving the cable buried. The CFE can also be used to perform non-contact excavation, removing seabed material from around products and assets.


Industries we can assist

  • Offshore Renewables
  • Offshore Oil and Gas
  • Interconnector
  • Offshore Decommissioning


We are proud of our track record and operational statistics and would be happy to provide these numbers to any potential clients upon request.

Product Burial/De-Burial Projects