Wikinger Phase 4

  • SECTOR: Offshore Renewables

Project Overview

Project Info

  • Date 29/08/2019 – 05/09/2019
  • Site Wikinger OWF
  • Vessel EDT Kennedy
  • Operations Boulder Relocation
  • UTROV® Tooling Used Tine Grab

Utility ROV Services were contracted by Adwen GmbH to conduct a third phase of boulder relocation operations on the Wikinger OWF.

The boulder relocation operations were conducted from the DP2 vessel, EDT Kennedy, which features Utility ROV Services’ dedicated boulder relocation spread onboard.

At each jacket location, Utility ROV Services performed the following operations:


  1. As-Found survey with Multi Beam Echo Sounder (MBES) to identify boulders for relocation – in this instance, boulders with a diameter of 0.5m or above.
  2. Cleared all previously identified boulders into a predetermined relocation zone with the UTROV® and Tine Grab
  3. As-Left survey with MBES, Colour Camera and Gemini Sonar to provide a record of cleared boulders and their updated location.

Utility ROV Services completed boulder relocation operations successfully, and as a result, enabled the Jack-Up vessel Pacific Orca to access and operate in the field safely with the confidence that the seabed was clear for her jack-up legs.