Kincardine Phase 2

  • SECTOR: Offshore Renewables

Project Overview

Project Info

  • Date 07/08/18 – 26/08/18
  • Site Kincardine
  • Vessel VOS Sugar
  • Operations Boulder Relocation, Product Cutting
  • UTROV® Tooling Used Controlled Flow Excavator, Pipe Grab, Tine Grab, Clamshell Grab

Utility ROV Services were contracted by Cobra Wind International Ltd to conduct boulder relocation and cut and recovery operations on the Kincardine Floating OWF.

The VOS Sugar was mobilised for Phase 2 of the Kincardine Floating Offshore Windfarm Boulder Relocation works on the export cable routes (ECR) between the shore and the first floating wind turbine. After successful boulder clearing, Utility ROV Services were asked to assist with deburial, cut and recovery operations of the Horizontal Directional Drilled (HDD) Ducts at the nearshore end. The team developed a cutting solution and delivered this within 2 days for the cut and recovery of over 500m of cable ducting.