Asset No. T-A14
Use Mattress Recovery
Dimensions (mm) 5260 x 4280 x 1950
Weight (t) 9.5
Lifting Arrangement 4-Leg Bridle
SWL (t) 31
Design In accordance with DNV 2.22


The Mattress Recovery Tool (MRT) is an industry-leading decommissioning tool. When paired with UTROV®, the MRT provides a fully diverless, proven solution to the problematic task of recovering subsea mattresses.

The MRT utilises real-time monitoring and remote hydraulics in order to ensure accurate placement and control during recovery operations. This ensures that the system can achieve industry leading cycle times.

The MRT enables a fully hands-off deck handling solution when used in conjunction with the MRT Docking Station.

Key Features

  •  Arched frame to accommodate large diameter products
  • Eight tines which can be operated together, independently or in any combination
  • Dual, Individual or Overlapped Mattress Recovery
  • Monitoring & positioning through strategically placed cameras and lights