UTROV ® Benefits


  • Vessel time is expensive, so we as a company have made every effort to shorten our operational cycle times and maintain a high system uptime without compromising on performance or safety.


  • All tasks to be completed are compared with industry-relevant operating methods to ensure that our methodology provides the greatest saving to our client.


  • Minimal mobilisation duration required, saving on vessel days.


  • The footprint of the UTROV® system is comparatively smaller than the market equivalent spread.


  • The system ensures that available deck space is utilised efficiently and maximum deck is left available for assets to be installed/recovered.

Holistic Approach

  • Multi-phase capability – supplying a single team with a full suite of tooling to conduct a wide range of subsea operations.


  • One appointed contractor to perform multiple operations in a single project phase, resulting in reduced project costs with consistent, high quality results.


  • Project management and engineering support provided to lessen the workload for our clients.


  • Complete focus on remote technologies for diverless subsea operations.


  • In-tension umbilical handling system eliminates the requirement to manually intervene with the UTROV®, tooling or payload during launch and recovery.