Asset No. T-A12
Use Product Cutting
Weight (t) 2.25
Dimensions (mm) 2464 x 2036 x 975
Jaw Depth (mm) 600
Closing Force (t) 300
Operating Angle (°) 90 – 180


The Shear Grab enables cutting of a wide range of subsea cables, tubulars and other products. Two interchangeable frames are available; one to allow the operating angle of the grab to be remotely changed between horizontal and vertical orientations and another to mount the grab on its side to cut vertical stanchions. These frames, paired with the controllability of the UTROV®, allow access to difficult locations.

Key Features

  • Optimised camera locations for quick jaw positioning on product
  • Two hydraulic modes – Grip or Cut
  • Fast jaw close cycle time due to high-flow UTROV® hydraulics