Moray East Phase 2

  • SECTOR: Offshore Renewables

Project Overview

Project Info

  • Date 23/07/2020 – 08/08/2020
  • Site Moray East OWF
  • Vessel Olympic Triton
  • Operations Boulder Relocation, Survey, Video and Inspection, Debris Clearance
  • UTROV® Tooling Used Tine Grab
Utility ROV Services were contracted by Moray Offshore Windfarm (East) Ltd. to conduct a second phase of boulder and debris relocation work on the Moray Easy Offshore Wind Farm. URS chartered the vessel, delivering full project management in addition to our standard provision of personnel and equipment. This scope involved the relocation of boulders which were deemed to be in the prospective cable corridors of Export Cable Routes (ECRs) as well as 74 WTG locations. Further to the boulder relocation scope, a length of steel wire rope was discovered lying along the export cable route during the campaign, which Utility ROV Services were tasked with surveying and then relocating outside of the cable corridor.