Hornsea Two Phase 2

  • SECTOR: Offshore Renewables

Project Overview

Project Info

  • Date 19/06/2020 - 11/08/2020
  • Site Hornsea Two OWF
  • Vessel Seven Falcon
  • Operations Boulder Relocation
  • UTROV® Tooling Used Tine Grab
Utility ROV Services were contracted by Seaway 7 to conduct a large boulder relocation work scope around planned WTG locations and IAC routes to be situated within the Hornsea Two Offshore Wind Farm. The UTROV® System 1 spread was mobilised onto the Seven Falcon for the near two month scope. One boulder, measuring 3 x 1.5 x 1.5m, proved particularly troublesome to relocate due to its size. However, between using the UTROV & Tine grab to upend the boulder combined with the operator’s experience, this made getting a solid grip on the boulder achievable and enabling its relocation. In total, 2200 targets were investigated with 1819 boulder were relocated in the field in preparation for the installation of the WTGs and IACs.